Ruuti Research & Development

Ruuti R&D Oy (Ltd) was incorporated in June 2019 at Helsinki, Finland. The company provides research, high technology development and innovation commercialization support and advisory services. Ruuti R&D Oy serves universities, public R&D&I funding bodies, research infrastructures – in particular CERN, innovative companies, private equity and VC seed investors and startup-communities.

The value proposition is to save researcher’s time

By offering all the actions from facilitating ideation processes

By building consortiums through project ramp-up

By applying funding

By commercial exploitation of the R&D results

By advisory services about business-research collaboration best practices


At Ruuti we are passionate in driving innovative research and development projects forward, from early stage idea development to output commercialisation, from making a plan to executing it with the best possible collaboration and funding partners. We believe in people who want to make a difference, and build impactful solutions for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable business.



Data Centres as active energy citizens (DEACT) is a Business Finland funded Co-Creation project aiming to examine the feasibility of data centres as a collaborative network to offer energy demand flexibility. The purpose of this R&D project is to develop the technology to implement demand-side response in data centres. The socio-economic goal of the project is to contribute towards increasing the adoption of renewable energy production methods in power grids.



SMARAGDI is a Co-Creation project funded by Business Finland developing high temperature superconductor technologies for advancing the modelling, manufacturing, automation and testing of superconducting magnets. Improving the qualities, usability and reliability of high temperature superconducting magnets requires experimental development and advanced laboratory facilities. As a part of ongoing research in Tampere University, one of the most important goals of this project is to set up a superconductor lab, in which assembly and testing for Finnish superconductor development projects can be completed.



Advanced Mechanics and Materials for Detectors and Accelerators (AMMDA) is a Co-Creation project funded by Business Finland identifying technology and developing expertise in the fields of Detector Mechanics and Accelerators, pushing academia and industry forward in Finland. The R&D needs for scientific instrumentation development require work together with industry in order to develop, test and validate new materials and manufacturing methods, enabling scientific progress, company development and product/service commercialization. Our goal is to create a sustainable R&D framework fostering collaboration between CERN, Finnish industry and academia.

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The founding partners of the company have extensive experience in working with European research infrastructures like ESA, ESO and CERN. In addition, they closely collaborate with academic institutions, such as Helsinki Institute of Physics and its member universities and University of Lausanne School of Business.

The founders have extensive networks with Finnish public R&D&I funding bodies, Business Finland and Academy of Finland. They are also actively taking part in technology and sustainable business development communities such as Impact Hub Geneva/Lausanne, Aalto Design Factory and CERN IdeaSquare, as well as working with private equity high-tech investors such as Venture Kick and Consensus Capital.

Harri Toivonen

CEO, Harri Toivonen, is an enthousiastic creator and mentor, who amplifies connections between fundamental research and human-centric products that contribute towards the achievement of the UN SDGs. Harri is also a Board Member of Impact Hub Association Geneva and Advisor of Consensus Capital private equity high-tech investment firm.

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Pietari Kauttu

Chairman, Pietari Kauttu, is a goal-oriented, recognized expert and leader with extensive experience in building R&D&I collaborations between public and private technology business developers. He also holds a position of Head of Development and Operations with Consensus Capital private equity high-tech financing company.

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